Saturday, December 29, 2018

#THANKYOU2018 by Senimatic Studio

SAYONARA 2018, H E L L O 2 0 1 9 !

Thank you so much for putting your trust in our work. Our team would like to thank each and everyone who believed in our craft and to what we can deliver. You guys are awesome! 

A huge gratitude to our clients, friends, family and partners for all the support they gave on us all throughout. 

Looking forward to what this year has to offer us! In 2019, we can’t wait to share some knowledge with new and talented photographers & videographers out there! Do Private Massage us if you are interested to collaborate, working as a part-timer or become our apprentice and assistant during events.

2018 Partner Photographers & Videographers;

Efa Aiefa & Man Key (Little Love Pictures) 
Pey Yazid II (Smile Shutter) 
Haziq Farhan (Haziq Seruji Photography) 
Faizal Huio (FaizalHuio Photography) 
Jefril Siru (Karya Studio) 
Zam Ariff (PLUS E Creative Team) 
Aris Bin Auan 
Mohamad Mokhsen 
Ishya Sabu 
Nurul Vsytv 

 Thank You & Happy New Year 2019!!! 

 Senimatic Studio Team

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